Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Orleans 2011: On Being Inappropriate

There's nothing like wearing a shirt that reads "I'm Here for the Gang Bang" that screams 'I'M A MOM.' Okay, maybe not. But when we came across a website with completely and totally inappropritate t-shirts, we knew they were totally and completely appropriate for our trip to NOLA.

It's Not Easy Being Easy
(Um, hello, I had to get three kids somehow!)
P.S. This one was picked FOR me. Just FYI.

Drunkin' Grownups
True words, ya'll. True words.

If at First You Don't Succeed Then Maybe You Just Suck

Orgasm Donor

Who Do I Have to Blow to Get a Drink Around Here?

Drink Up Bitches

Avoid Hangovers. Stay Drunk.
(Our friend Nic couldn't make it -- but we still made it feel like she was there!)

I Love Shoes, Booze, & Boys with Tattoos

One for my Gnomies

Donkey Punch Champion

Don't Be Sexist.
Bitches Hate That.

I'm Here for the Gang Bang

Deep Throat & Stop Staring at my Teddies

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