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16 & Pregnant: Izabella and Jairo

It's another episode of 16 & Pregnant and we've reached the point in the season where I'm bored/ annoyed by the girls they've picked.  Could we please have another round of Farrahs and Ambers?  Please?

This episode we're introduced to Izabella.  She lives in Utah but she's not Mormon.  She's Catholic.  Which is worse in the world of teen pregnancy?  Mormon or Catholic, Catholic or Mormon?  Hmm.  I think this one's a draw.

Education is very important to Izzy's parents and to her, as well, seeing as she's decided to go to med school.  She's also on the drill team.  But.  She has this boyfriend, Jairo, and he's a little bit of a slacker when it comes to school.  More concerned about his car and his hair.

So, OF COURSE, Miz Iz finds herself knocked up.

Now before we get into the theme of this entire episode, here's a little something interesting: we're introduced to Izzy when she's 35 weeks pregnant (that's 8 months, ya'll).  Yet she says she and Jairo have been dating for three months.  *Scooby Doo noise*  Can someone explain that to me?  Please?

The theme for this episode of 16&P is . . . *bom, bom, bom* . . . hidden pregnancy.  Izzy's immediate family and boyfriend are literally the only people who know she is pregnant.  She's hidden from her friends all summer to keep from telling them the news.  She's made excuse after excuse to keep from hanging out with friends.  She only leaves the house if she goes to the other side of town.


I'm trying to be somewhat understanding here.  I didn't get pregnant for the first time until I was 25-turning-26.  But I wasn't married and that was really hard telling people.  I can only imagine how much harder it would if I'd been 10 years younger.  But, still.  There comes a time when you have to realize you're bringing a LIFE into the world.  Get over yourself and worrying about what other people are going to think.  Sheesh.

I just can't believe this poor girl wasted her last carefree(ish), teen summer.  Because she was too afraid of what other people would say about her.  Give me a break.

Now that she's 35 weeks pregnant, it's time to start telling people the news.  First up is Iz's BFF Cassidy.  Cass says she heard about the pregnancy but she didn't hear it from IzabellaAnd I give Cass my best "Dubya Tee Eff" face.  Becausse, really now, what kind of chick doesn't tell her best friend she's been hearing pregnancy rumors?  Some friend. 

Next up, Aunt and Uncle come over and are told the joyous news.  Iz's mom says they didn't say anything at first because school was still in session and they didn't want to deal with the drama from other other kids. After that it became habit and they just didn't tell anyone else.  Izzy's uncle is obviously upset he wasn't told sooner.  he tears up when telling Iz and Jairo how much their lives are going to change.  Got that right, dude.

When the episode first began, I thought that maybe - possibly - with the whole hidden pregnancy aspect we would miss out on the baby shower.  Alas, not to be.  I'm pretty sure this is in the 16&P contract in order to be on the show.  Must.have.babyshower.  I bet the girls get paid more for each friend with braces who shows up for the shower . . .

Iz seems to have a good time catching up with old friends.  But, ouch, BFF Cassidy doesn't show.  And not only that- she doesn't call or text Iz to tell her - she calls to tell another friend.  Double ouch.

Mom, Dad, Iz, Baby Brother, and Jairo are all out to dinner.  The talk turns to how they felt when they found out about the pregnancy.  And here's where we find out that her Pops blames her mom.  Apparently she was right there at the headboard giving them pointers or something?

He explains that he kept telling Mom to talk to Iz, to be the mom and not be a buddy.  Mom says it's hard for her to be a strict mom because her own mother was so strict. 

At 38 weeks pregnant, Iz goes to the doctor.  Her blood pressuer is a little high so . . . we all know where this is headed . . . her doctor, who is very Mr. Rogersish, decides to induce at the end of the week.

It's a good thing Iz and Jairo already have things figured out re: what are we going to do after the baby comes.  That leaves them a step ahead of pretty much any other couple on 16&P.  Jairo is moving in with Iz and her parents.  But only under two conditions: he has to enroll in college and they can't sleep in the same bed. 

Iz tries to have a talk with Jairo about college and what he wants to do in the future.  And all we derive from the conversation is that Jairo has even less personality than we may have originally thought and that he doesn't like to get dirty. 

It's induction day!  Before they can head to the hospital, Jairo has to spend four hours and approxomately $80 worth of product on his hair.  No, I'm not kidding.

Labor is pretty much what we're used to seeing in any 16&P episode and 14 hours in, Iz is ready to push.  Two hours later, little Enrique arrives.

(Seriously?  Seeing how long some of these girl push for makes me want to carress my c-section scar).

After the baby is born, the Happy couple and Little E settle into life with Iz's parents.  I hope this girl realizes how lucky she's got it.  Because even though she's exhausted from all those middle-of-the-nights with her baby, she has mom to keep him during the day so she can focus on course work until it's time for her to go back to school.

Izzy's uncle comes over to visit.  The talk turns to school and what Jairo's plans are.  And, wait.  What?  Woah, woah, WOAH.  Jairo is not working?  SHUT.THE.FRONT.DOOR.  This whole time, I thought homeboy - with his $3242342 budget in hair products - was gainfully employed.

I thought wrong.

Izzy's parents are supporting Iz.  And Enrique.  AND JAIRO.  You have got to be kidding me.  Iz's parents?  You be dumb, yo.

The uncle says Jairo should be working and the parents are making things too easy for Iz and J.  And I give a standing ovation to Unc.  Iz's dad says they would rather support the couple and baby now so that Jairo can obtain a bachelor's degree and get a good job.  They are thinking long term rather than in the right now.  What the EFFETY EFF EFF ever.  If any dude ever thought he was going to knock up my daughter and then live on MY dime?  Aw, nuh uh.  Hell no.  HELLLLL NOOOOO.

Enrique is three weeks old and it's time for Jairo to enroll in community college and for Izzy to head back to school.  Since things have been strained between Iz and "BFF" Cassidy, they decide to meet up before class.  Cass says her feelings were hurt that she wasn't told sooner and blah, blah, teenage angst, blah, blah.  They kiss and make up and all is right in the world again.

Izzy had a pretty good day back at school but Jairo, apparently, did not.  He cops an attitde when asked how his day was.  When Izzy quizzes him about school he gets mad and storms off. 

Iz's dad wants to talk to him.  So when Jairo finally comes back home, they all sit down for a little pow wow.  And, rut-roh, turns out the problem is Jairo is a LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.  Despite telling Iz and her parents that he'd graduated from online high school, he's still a few credits short.  He never graduated and therefore cannot enroll in community college.  *Sigh*  He's such a winner.

Dad is peeved and explains to Izzy that he feels like Jairo will hold her back if he doesn't change his ways.  Well, duh.

They pow wow again and Jairo says he'll graduate by May.  It's, like, October at this point -- FYI.  Dad says if he doesn't graduate by May then he has to go live with his parents.  (Way to be harsh on him there.  Sheesh).  Jairo then asks Izzy if he can't do all they want him to do, can she handle Enrique on her own?  Again - WHAT THE EFF?  Seriously, dude?  YOU DON'T THINK YOU CAN HANDLE GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL?  I mean, really? 

At this point, I have no choice but to judge Izzy for staying with the douchebag.  I mean if  a guy said to me, "hey, I really don't think that I can handle all this American Literature 101 while I'm, you know, NOT WORKING and spending 8 hours a day on my hair.  So I'm thinking I might have to split.  But you can take care of our kid, right?"  Right.  And don't let the door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha.  Asshole.

We end the episode with a wrap up of how hard it is having a baby while still in high school.  We also see little Enrique being christened while Izzy wears a dress that I'm assuming is slightly inappopriate for pretty much any church (backless and low cut).  She voices over telling us how her priorites have changed and that family means more to her than ever now.

Next week?  Perhaps this season's tear jerking adoption episode!  We shall see.

Note: IF I recap next week's episode, it won't be posted until Thursday.


  1. I just finished watching it and was pretty bored. Why all the girls with monotone voices this season? The fact that the dad was mad at the mom kind of pissed me off....I get that the mom is closer to her and all but if the Dad saw the sex talk wasn't being had, then maybe he should have just done it.

  2. jairo was fuckin hot.!

  3. "you be dumb, yo", best line in this post. These girls have been lame at best this season (yet I'm still watching). I wanna follow up on this one, I've got questions for Iz. For starters, what attracted you to your baby daddy? He's kind of cute, but other than that, there is zero going on in that head. His lack of ANYTHING to say really grated on my nerves. Can't wait for the next episode, from the previews I can see it's tear potential. And p.s. I'm like you, I'd rather have 100+ temps every day than have it drop below 65. I think most people complain all winter about cold weather jut so when it gets warm they can complain about that. Check yourselves folks!

  4. And did you recap Kayla's episode? I can see if she was so annoying to you that you just couldn't do it, but I'm curious for your hilarious recount.

  5. Kayla was one of my "favorites." I mean, how many times do we get to hear the word "harses" on MTV? ;)

  6. Ok, now I see there have been two Kaylas on this train wreck/fantastic show. I was talking about the one from season 3, which was kind of a bummer episode. I'm in Germany, so I've gotta watch all the episodes on-line and sadly Kayla from Season 2 is not available to me. After reading your recap I need to see it!

  7. The thing I don't understand about any of this is everyone is so quick to judge and say what they want to say but the fact is these guys are kids who honestly don't know what it really intails to be a parent and everyone can blame a million things on why kids or anyone gets pregnant but I say good luck to all these girls and guys on growing up and finding the right path and getting over the road blocks that are going to be in your way I do know what it is like I still live through this everyday


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