Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Things

1) The Duggar thing.

I don't have a lot to say beyond what's already been said.  So I'm just going to throw this out: the people who are defending this ASSHOLE WHO MOLESTED A CHILD AS YOUNG AS FIVE-YEARS-OLD are disgusting and almost as bad as he is.  (I said almost.)  The "boys will be boys" mentality is GROSS and anyone who says "he was only 14!" or drops the words "teenage mistake" needs and reality check and quick.  I'm talking to you, Mike Huckabee and half the people I graduated from high school with!  I'm just so sickened by this whole entire scandal and by all the people who rush to defend him.  Yes, he can be forgiven his sin if you believe the Bible and all that.  But we're not just talking about HIM here.  There were victims.  And regardless of whether or not he can be forgiven a sin, he still COMMITTED A CRIME AND FACED NO REAL CONSEQUENCES.  I gotta stop before I get all worked up again!

2) Summer break officially began on Tuesday and we had a great day!  The kids let me get some work done in the morning and early afternoon.  We had a watermelon picnic in the front yard and spend a good chunk of the afternoon playing at Shelby Farms.

We love summer!

3) This weekend is the Italian Festival in Memphis and guess who is performing . . . The Gin Blossoms!  My 90's heart just can't take it! However, they play around 9:30 at night and I just don't see that happening.  Not with children.

4) I took this picture the other night. It's not the greatest but, man, I love downtown Memphis.

The bridge, the pyramid, the river, all the people. Ahhhhhh. 

5) Speaking of photos from the other night ... this is what happens when you hand my boys the phone and ask them to take a pic ...

Lovely cracker crumbs there, Kykes!

6) Caught my kid doing this to someone the other day. Wasn't sure whether to scold or high five him. 

7) I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday and ... this:

I mean, REALLY?!?

8) My fellow bargain hunters! If you're a camisole wearer, Walmart has cotton camis in the junior sections for $1.68. One dollar and sixty eight cents. Regular price. I have no idea how well they hold up but seriously? They're perfect for sleeping in and at that price ...

9) Song Love:

10) Not to make light of the Texaa flooding, but this did make me chuckle ...
(They look more like they're in Alabams though ... I'm just sayin' ...)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Long Weekend . . . Long Post

Kids are out of school, Memorial Day has come and gone, it's hot. It's now - unofficially- summer. Heck yeah!

Friday was the boys last day of school and they were just a little excited. 

This might just be my new favorite pic of them!

They only had a half day and when they came home, we celebrated with silly string. 

Also on Friday, our family friend Tim came in to town. The kids stayed with Kendra and mom, Tim, boyfriend and I all went downtown. 

We started things with dinner at Bar Dog then it was on to the patio at Silky's for drinks and people watching. 

Saturday was the Sunset Symphony on the river. It's the final event of Memphis in May and this year's was actually the last they'll be doing. We headed down late afternoon to watch the air show and sunset, listen to the music (we were too far away to hear much), and see the fireworks. 

Tom Lee Park - and downtown in general - was PACKED. So many people! One of the best things about Sunset Symphony is that they allow you to bring in coolers with food and drink (neither Music Fest or BBQ Fest allow outside food/ drink.) We were able to take in a bunch of beer and a yummy picnic dinner. Score!
Thanks for the photo bomb there, Kykes!
Prime location to watch a gorgeous sunset!

The fireworks didn't start until laaaate and the kids were getting restless. But, all in all, it was a really good time. And - bonus! - it didn't take me forever and two days to get out of downtown, even with the crowds. 

Our out of town guests - including my mom - left Sunday morning. Boo! The kids and I spent most of the day at Shelby Farms.

Closest we got to a lake or sand all weekend!

We came home and blew up the backyard pool for the first time. 

The kids splashed and played, I sipped sweet tea vodka and occasionally yelled at the brats to be nice to each other. Damn good Sunday evening!

I have to say -- we got a ton of rain Sunday night.  A ton.  But absolutely nothing like what's going on in Texas and even in Arkansas.  It's crazy to me that places not that far have such an insane flooding and we've been spared here in Memphis. 

Monday was a lot of clouds but absolutely zero rain.  It was hot but not too hot and the humidity wasn't miserably high.  Good day to barbecue over at boyfriend's house (he's the grillmaster.)  The kids played in water . . .

We ate watermelon . . .

And summa dis went on!

A pretty good weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Thursday Things on a Friday

1) My birthday was GREAT. All I really wanted was a nice day and to spend time with the people who mean the most to me and that's exactly what I got (well, I got a few gifts too but the gift of time is always a favorite of mine!)

My mom took me to lunch at Kooky Canuck where I had a Big Ass Beer and the poutine burger. It was topped with cheese curds, gravy, and French fries. Yum!

I did cake with the kids in the afternoon and they all sang Happy Birthday to me. 
Nice face, Jaidan!

Then I topped off the evening with dinner at The Butcher Shop with my boyfriend. 

It was really just a simple but great day. Exactly what I wanted!

2) Wednesday night, Kendra came over with a couple friends: Jose and Margarita. 

I made tacos, mixed up the margaritas, and we sat out on the patio while the kids played. Good times. 
Why am I making that face?!?

3) Kyan had not missed a single day of school. Perfect attendance three quarters running. Then Monday happened. His stomach hurt and he was running a fever. On the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL! Figures!

4) Yup, last week of school. Karis's last day was Tuesday.  Summer officially kicks off at 12:30 Friday afternoon. We're thinking trips to the splash pad, Mud Island, Shelby Farms, the drive-in, free concerts at the Levitt Shell, camping, maybe/ hopefully a visit from out of town family, Redbirds games. Hoping for a fun-filled summer!

5) The boys brought home their report cards yesterday. Straight A's for both. Jaidan got an award for attitude and responsibility and Kyan one for kindness. Very proud of those boys!

6) CRAZY weather here. It was 55 degrees yesterday! In May! What the?

7) Karis thinks she has to get something every time we walk into Dollar Tree. We went the other day and she picked out a bootleg Littlest Pet Shop. Later she was playing with play doh and I noticed she made a sleep mask for her new toy ...

8) I can't stand most hip hop (the stuff from the past ten or so years. I LOVE me some 90's stuff) but I do still have a soft spot for T.I.  The other day I heard a collaboration he has with ... Brantley Gilbert. Love!  I looked for it on YouTube to post but, alas, could not find it.  I swear I didn't dream it up!

9) We recently had a Sprouts open up in my area.  Recently as in last week.  We checked it out the other day and . . . for starters, their prices are produce are amazing.  Better than Aldi even.  Here's hoping those aren't just grand opening specials.  The crowd, however, was a little overwhelming.  I know it'll calm down as time goes on.  It made me a little nervous, though, to think of when our Trader Joe's opens next year.  It's gonna be CRAY.

10) I love Stanley. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thirty Five

Exactly one month ago, I spent my Sunday downtown by the river at the Rajun Cajun festival.  I was surrounded by some of my favorite people.  My children were running around, happy and playing.  My boyfriend was there, my bestie and her family, other friends.  It hit me that it was a month until my birthday and all I could think was . . . 34 had been one of the best years of my life.  I don't know how 35 will be able to top it!

Last year, when I turned 34, I was in a good and happy place. I'd made big changes in my life the previous year. I was happy but had no idea just how amazing the next year would be. I had no clue how happy I would be, how wonderful life would be, a year later. But now it's been a year. I'm turning 35. Over the past 365 days, I've gained 12 pounds and fell in love. I've had big changes and small changes.  Overall, though, past year has been amazing.

Life is truly wonderful right now. I can't wait to see what 35 has in store for me!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Zooed Up and 'Cued Up!

Memphis has a really great zoo. Fun stuff, it's big, there's a lot to do. Fun place. You should visit. Just not on a weekday in the month of May.

Field trips. 

Every single school in Memphis descends upon the zoo in May and it is CRAY CRAY. 

Kyan and I went on Friday for his first grade field trip and, my goodness, it was crazy crowded. Kids everywhere. I felt sorta sorry for the families who were there trying to just enjoy a day at the zoo. 

My Kyker-Man and I had a really good time, though! Even with the crowds and humidity, it was a lot of fun. 

When you spend your day with 200 first graders plus 663375675 other children from neighboring schools, you need something to help you recover and wind down. What better than beer and barbecue?

It was BBQ Fest weekend in Memphis and boyfriend's friend was on a team and invited us to their tent. We were right on the river in Tom Led Park with what've been an amazing sunset view if the weather has cooperated. Instead, it rained. Heavy at times. We just got wet. And had a GREAT time. 

There were tents, two and three level tents, set up all along the river. The air was thick and heavy with the smell of barbecue. And even with the rain, a ton of people descended upon downtown. We got busted trying to sneak a beer into the festival (we actually weren't trying to sneak, we'd just stuck it in my purse to drink on the walk over and forgot it was in there) and had to shotgun 18 ounces of Miller Lite before we could get in the gate. Good times. 

It was my first experience with BBQ Fest and I really hope it's not the last. It was a blast. So much fun. 
Horrible, horrible, awful picture of me (#beer #rain) but wanted to show the Autozone building lit up with some grit and grind! The Grizzlies lost and are out of the finals but this city is very proud of them!

Saturday we did absolutely nothing. Nada. Well, I did do a Kroger/ Aldi run, swept my kitchen floor three times, and napped the afternoon away. It was rainy and kind of gross and just a good day to be lazy. 

Sunday I'd planned for us to head to Overton Square for Rock and Romp. It's a kid-friendly concert that serves FREE BEER to adults. I was way too excited for it!

We got there. Parked. Like, I had literally put the car in park. And the bottom dropped out. Rain. AGAIN. 

Plan 2 for Sunday Funday was ... The SpongeBob movie at the value theater. OH YAYS. 

Don't worry. I packed provisions. 

The kids loved it. I thought it was stupid but, I mean, it was SpongeBob. I wasn't expecting much from it. The best part of the whole thing was, other than Karis having to go to the bathroom three times, she was an absolute rockstar. 
(A rockstar who refused to be pictures, hence the photo of her brother.)

Not the most exciting weekend ever but Friday ... with the zoo and the 'cue was pretty amazing!

(I ran to boyfriend's house last night and when I was pulling back in the driveway, these two goobers were playing in the yard and ran and jumped in the car with me.  For the ride . . . all the way up the driveway.  Weirdos.)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Chapter Closed.

My baby graduated from pre-kindergarten yesterday. 

She wore a tiny cap and gown and marched in front of the room with her classmates. She sang "Jesus Loves Me" and "Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" and recited the ABC's and her numbers. She even received a diploma. 

And, just like that, the preschool days are over. She'll start kindergarten in August; her brothers will go to second and third grades. We're fully immersed in the elementary years. Baby days are long gone and behind us. 

It's so hard to believe! When they all three were so tiny, I couldn't picture the day they'd all be in school. And, yet, here we are. 

Prepping for kindergarten. For second grade. For third. Before we know it, J will head for middle school and we'll phase into yet another era of our lives. 

Since yesterday was such a special day for the Kare Bear, we topped it off with a trip to the mall (she had to ride the carousel!) and Mexican for lunch. 

Before graduation, I tried to get a picture of her in front of the neighbor's rose bush. Wouldn't pose for anything. But at the mall? "Take my picture!"

Next year she'll graduate again, from kindergarten then, and we'll celebrate again. But had to do a little something special to mark this milestone.

I'm so proud of my girl. And now -- bring it on, kindergarten!
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