Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Two Tickets to Paradise

Boyfriend and I have a combined total of five kids between the two of us.  It's a long-standing "thing we do" that whenever one of them is being extra asshole-y we look at each other and say, "two tickets to paradise!  Or Cleveland.  Omaha.  Little Rock.  Wherever!"  By 5:30 Friday evening I was ready for two tickets to anywhere away from my children.

The kids and I had a rough morning Friday and it was partly on me.  They were grumpy.  I was grumpy.  Not a good combination and, honestly, not how a Friday morning usually goes for us.  We're usually FRI-YAY but that morning we were more like "This feels like Monday times five."  Anyway, Kyan told me he didn't feel good but I sent him to school anyway.  Three hours later . . . the phone call to pick him up.  Hello, Mom of the Year.  He was feeling better by the time the other two got out of school and, in part to make up for our rough morning, I decided to take them to the park.


Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, UGH.

Let's just say . . . we were there for maybe twenty minutes before I made them get back in the car and come home.  It's been awhile since I've been THAT ready to hand them off to their dad.  Sigh. 

This pic perfectly sums up that trip to the park!  She's not even playing . . . she's kicking him out of anger.

After they were handed off to dad, boyfriend and his son called.  They were set to bachelor it up for the night (his daughter was at a sleepover) but were wondering if I wanted to go to dinner with them.  I came over and we all walked over to La Hacienda (I feel like I should interject here: we went to El Porton for Taco Thursday the night before, La Hacienda Friday night, and then had taco soup on Saturday.  Just say no to gringo food?!?)  It was really nice spending time with just him and his son.  It's the first time that's ever happened.  Because of personality differences, his daughter tends to command a lot more attention while his boy is more laid back.  They're a lot like my boys -- his daughter is more like J and his son is more like Kykes.  Anyway, we goofed around with our favorite waitress, Gladys, all decided to try something new, and even said no to margaritas in favor of light beer.  It was a good night!


It was COLD Saturday morning.  Like, 50's and windy.  The boys had a football game and they did GREAT.  J ran for a touchdown and Kyan's skinny butt played center.
They ended up scoring as many touchdowns as the other team but lost by two points because of not scoring the PAT.  Don't tell my boys, though, they think they tied!

After football, we picked up boyfriend's kids and headed to Incredible Pizza.
I hate places like that.  HAAAAAAATE.  But . . . their dad's company had a "family day" there and he couldn't take them.  So he gave me the passes and I told J it was for his birthday (next Saturday) since boyfriend's kids will be with their mom next weekend and not able to celebrate then.  It worked.  He was stoked.

Actually, all the kids were stoked.  I still really hate places like that but it's worth it seeing how much fun they had.

Also, I was in the buffet line getting pizza when someone who looked really familiar walked by.  Turns out, a girl I went to high school with plans the events for Incredible Pizza and lives only a few miles away from me!  Small world! 

After Incredible Pizza, we headed to boyfriend's house to play and watch football.  I'm not sure what's going on here but I AM sure that Kyan deserved it . . .

I fixed a big pot of chicken taco soup (perfection on the chilly day) and we the Razorbacks played Tennessee.  I missed the first few minutes of the game because the Baylor game ran over and Arkansas wasn't playing on an alternate channel.  When it finally came on, Tennessee was already ahead by a TD and I figured it would be a loooooong game.

I figured wrong!  It ended up being a great game.  RAZORBACKS WON!  First SEC win this season and first SEC road win under Bielema.  WOO PIG SOIEE!

Oh, and check out how this guy watched the game!  He was totally snoring.

Saturdays are for my football.   Sundays are for boyfriend's football.  The Bears played at noon and the boys decided to do push-ups every time they scored.

The Bears won so there were some very, very happy boys in the house!

We thought about hitting up the corn maze after the game but, in the end, just decided to watch more football and throw some stuffed peppers on the grill.  Boyfriend's garden produced a TON of poblano peppers so we've been eating them in everything lately.  They were delicious but also SPICY HOT.  I love spicy but these were almost too much . . . even with deseeding them!

And, that was our weekend.  Both our teams won -- doesn't get much better than that!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday Things

1) The last few mornings have been very gloomy and rainy.  We need the rain, we definitely need it.  But, man, it makes it so hard to get up and going in the mornings!

2) I received a letter from the kids' principal Friday afternoon.  The school is above capacity for the year and they've had to add a new kindergarten teacher (new first grade teacher as well but that's not an issue for me.)  The letter was to inform me that they would be moving my baby to the new kindergarten class starting Monday.  Keep in mind: I got this letter on FRIDAY AFTERNOON.  They were moving her MONDAY.  Oh, and let's not mention that no one even bothered to discuss with me.  I went to the school Monday morning to discuss things with the principal and she wasn't even there.  Karis had to go tot he new class anyway.  I was LIVID.  Went back Tuesday morning; she still wouldn't meet with me.  I also emailed her on Monday.  I finally received a phone call Wednesday afternoon, a call that I missed.  I called back and we actually spoke.  Long story made somewhat shorter: Karis isn't being moved back to her original class but I feel marginally better about the whole situation.  I probably should've saved this little anecdote for its own post.

3) My girlfriends and I do a Secret Santa exchange every year and we've already got the ball rolling for it this year (can you believe Christmas is less than three months away?!?)  We use this site: Secret Santa to divvy up the exchange for us.  Very convenient!

4) Speaking of Christmas -- it's on the brain, y'all -- we're trying to decide what, if anything, to do with all five kids as far as Christmas gift giving this year.  Do we do anything at all since this is likely the last year we won't actually be in the same household for Christmas?  Like, give the kids one more Christmas with just "their" parent?  Or still do a little Christmas celebration?  Ai yi yi.  All the questions when it comes to blending families!  I've thought about doing a white elephant/ dirty Santa type exchange, maybe with board games as a way to build up collections?  Who knows.

5) Last Thursday night, we decided to order Fox Ridge Pizza because none of us had ever tried it and it's super close to boyfriend's house.  Keep in mind: it was $45 for one small pizza, one large (we ordered the veggie then had them add pepperoni because it was cheaper than ordering a pepperoni and adding all the veggies we wanted), and one order of eight wings.  FORTY-FIVE DOLL HAIRS.  And that wasn't even delivery; we went to pick it up!  Anyway.  The pizza was . . . not good.  I mean, it wasn't bad but for nearly $50 it should've been out of the ballpark amazing.  We ate more later in the weekend and added a jar of Ragu.  It was seriously lacking the sauce department.  Won't be making the Fox Ridge pizza mistake again.

6) Bible Belt, y'all!
You can't really see the side but it says "The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost."  I've seen the anti-abortion mobile but this was my first time seeing the Jesus-mobile.

7) You probably definitely have to live in Memphis to appreciate this but .... Yes. Yes, yes, yes!

8) Tuesday was . . . not a good day.  Nothing major, pretty much just first world problems.  I was already super irritated/ on the brink of being irate over not being able to meet with Karis's principal.  I was in the car when I smelled this weird smoky smell.  "Hmmm, something's on fire."  I kept smelling it.  Looked down and realized MY PHONE CHARGER WAS SMOKING.  Yeah.  That was fun.  *Side eye*

9) Boyfriend and I are going to a Halloween party this year. Yes!  Finally!  My first adult Halloween since, oh, 2005.  Though, no lie, I am pretty down that I'm not going to be able to take my kids Trick or Treating.  Luckily, we live in 2015 where people start celebrating Halloween August 1st and there will be a fall festival or truck-or-treat every single day between now and actual Halloween so I'll still be able to do fun stuff with them.  Anyway, I digress.  We're going to a Halloween party this year and trying to come up with a costume.  I like the idea of Wayne and Garth and that would be fairly simple to pull off: he just needs a blonde wig, glasses, and we need a couple of band t-shirts.  We're also tossing around the idea of Batman and Robin as well as a few other ideas we saw in the Halloween store (though hopefully could pull together on our own cheaper!)  We'll see what we come up with . . .we'll see . . .

10) Sums up this week on social media ...

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bookin' It!

I grew up in a family of readers.  I love to read.  My mom and brother both love to read.  I can hardly remember my dad not having a book in his hand.  We were readers.  One of our favorite family activities was a visit to the used book store.  (Side note: I hardly ever read an actual bound book anymore but, damn, if I don't miss used book stores.  Those are some of the best places ever, national treasures!)  We would all pick out a few books and then my dad would be mad at me the next day because I'd already finished one of them.  I was into everything all 80's and 90's girls were in to, my favorites being Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley.  Ahhhh, the good old days.

Obviously, I want my own children to love to read as much as I do.  I read to them when they were babies, I read to them now.  But one thing I've learned is that they have to have that love in them.  It's just not going to happen if there's not a lot of interest there.  I think reading is very important, super important.  But I also understand that some people just aren't readers.

Kykes is in second grade this year and, up to this point, has been fairly "meh" about reading.  He would do his required reading for school and all of my children have always loved to be read to.  But reading independently?  Nope.  He'd rather be playing outside or X-boxing it up.

Enter The Magic Treehouse books.

His teacher started reading them to him in class and he fell in love.  She only reads a chapter or two at a time and that's not enough for the boy.  When he went to the school library last week, he picked up a Magic Treehouse book and finished it within two days.  Then proceeded to talk and talk and talk (and talk and talk and talk!) about it.  Monday, I took the kids to the community library so they could all pick up books and Kyan had the hardest time picking just which of the series he wanted to read.  He ended up picking out three (and a Batman book as well) and he was so into it that when we went to the playground outside of the library . . .

I love it!  I love that he's fostering a love of reading and I could kiss his teacher for introducing him to a series that has him wanting more.

He even combined his two great loves Monday night . . .

He finished one book the very night we went to the library and the next morning was up early to start another . . .

I love it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Let's Get the Neighbors Drunk

The Memphis Tigers played Thursday night -- and even played on the national stage, the game was shown on ESPN.  We thought about going to the game but, in the end, decided sitting in the garage and watching on TV was a better way to go.   By the time I got over to boyfriend's house, he and a friend were already a couple beers in and feeling good.  With the garage door open and the game blaring, neighbors soon came over.  Boyfriend looked and me and said, "let's get the neighbors drunk."  And that we did.  That we did.

Before that, though, I baked a loaf of pumpkin bread with the eight or so little girls who live in the neighborhood. (This neighborhood is so heavy on girls -- there's only one boy when mine and boyfriend's aren't there.)

We ended up having such a fun night! Once all the kids were put in bed, one of the neighbor's busted out a bottle of tequila. Things Brandi does not do: shoot tequila. But it was fun watching everyone else though major side eye to the one neighbor who was more into playing candy crush than interacting. Come on, dude!  Memphis won the game and it ended up being epic: four hours, 99 points scored, over 100 first downs. 

Friday, boyfriend decided to take a half day at work so he and I met for lunch at The Butcher Shop. They do "fresh burger Friday" and you basically just walk in and build your own burger. And they were delicious! Tastes like someone's dad grilled it up in the backyard; best kind of burger in my opinion. 

That night, we headed over to a local high school to watch a friend's son perform for a pre football game event. Unfortunately, we got there just as they were playing the last song so we obviously didn't hear much!  We then went to Mulligan's/ Doc's (scene of our first date --- awww!) for drinks then it was onto Eat Well for sushi. We'd declared earlier in the evening that we weren't going to "get stupid" and would be in bed early, make Saturday morning easier. We were asleep by 10. Perfection? Or just old? 

Saturday morning was FOOTBALL. 

J played quarterback this week and did pretty well! A complete stranger even commented on his arm. He has to work on throwing short passes -- he seems to think every play requires a Hail Mary. He did have quite a few completions, though, including one to his own brother. 

Kykes also played really well. Whereas J wants to switch around positions, Kyan is set on playing running back. He played the positions both weeks now and really enjoys it. 
Their  new friend won the sportsmanship award this week!

After their game, I dropped the kids off and boyfriend and I headed to the driving range. 

I was doing meh I guess. Not great or anything but enjoyed it. It started raining, though, so we packed it in. Plus, it was almost time for some Arkansas Razorbacks football! We went over to a friend's to watch the game. At one point, I had to laugh. The two men were in the kitchen prepping dinner while I was sitting on the couch with a beer watching football. That's how you know you have your man trained!

The Hogs lost - in overtime - because of course they did. It's a tough life being an Arkansas Razorback. However, I did manage to teach Kendra's daughter to call the Hogs. That's why she's my favorite. 

Sunday morning, we decided to walk to the donut shop for kolaches ... and took our Bloody Mary's with us. After eating, we walked to the park and did the trail there. Had to burn off those kolache calories!

The Bears played Seattle so we settled in to watch the game. We both left at halftime to pick up our kids then the kids and I headed back to his place to grill and watch more football.  Well, I watched more football.  The kids did things like this . . .

Kyan is back firmly on team Peyton since Marcus Mariota and the Titans have lost the past two weeks.  He's such a funny kid.  He wants to know what's going on with the game but can't miss out on playing with the other kids.  He would run back in the garage every little bit to ask how things were going with the game.

We headed home and tried to catch the eclipse/ super moon.  Unfortunately, it was super cloudy in Memphis and we couldn't see much.

I guess maybe we'll catch it in fifteen years or whenever it is it's supposed to happen again. 
No one wanted to get up Monday morning but, hey, that's a sign of a pretty great weekend, right?

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Things My Kid Says . . .

J was the funniest toddler on the planet.  That kid constantly had me in stitches.  And it was a good thing because he was also a supreme asshole who'd do things like pour an entire bottle of syrup on the couch and get hair dye on the bedroom carpet.

He'll be nine two weeks from tomorrow and he's gone from the cute little curly-top with a dimple and a funny disposition to . . . I mean, he's nearly a pre-teen.  Need I say more?  There's a lot of attitude and angst and I asked my mom last weekend, "if this is nearly nine then what is nearly 15 going to be like?"  Jesus, take the wheel!

Luckily, he still saves the day at times with this funny comments . . .

J: "Mom, there's a kid in my class who's an Alabama fan."
Me: "Ugh."
J: "I KNOW!  I told him we're going to kick their butts on my birthday.  Oh.  And also that his parents are probably bad drivers."
(I'm convinced that 90% of bad drivers in Memphis are Bama fans.  Evidence: last week as I was leaving Shelby Farms, there was a woman driving the wrong way on a one way.  Guess what stickers were all over her car?  Yup.  Roll Tide, indeed.)

J and I were discussing the Grizzlies games he went to last season.
Me: "Hey, did you know when you guys went to your first Grizz game is when Boyfriend and I went on our very first date?"
J: "Really?  Where'd you go?"
Me: "TJ Mulligan's."
J: "What's that?"
Me: "A bar."
J: "Figures."
(What?  We like our beer!)

Later in the same conversation . . .
J: "I guess you liked him enough to go out with him again and again and again."
Me: "Yeah."
J: "I wish you hadn't.  I don't like him!"
Now, this is where my mom-radar goes into high alert and hope his answer as to "why" is something like "because he doesn't let me get away with being disrespectful."
Me: "Why?"
J: "Ugh.  Really, Mom?  He's a BEARS FAN!"

Me: *Something about being a queen*
J: "You're not a queen."
Me: "I could be.  I could marry Prince William* and be Queen of England one day."
* We'll pretend Kate isn't in the picture.
** I'd totally take Harry any day over Wills
J: "He's too young for you."
Me: "He's only two years younger."
J: "Like I said, he's too young for you!"
(This is mostly funny because his dad is ten years older than I am and boyfriend is six years older.)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Things

1) I had a parent/ teacher conference for Karis Thursday evening. Her teacher is the same teacher J had and she's quite a talker ... my 15 minute conference ended up being half an hour. Oops! Apparently, Karis has been telling her all about her dog and, well, we don't have a dog sooooo that's pretty interesting. Overall, it was a good conference. My girl is growing and learning every day. I was most worried about her socially but her teacher informed me it's been a non-issue. She's friendly and kind, makes friends with everyone, and does great on the playground.

2) BEST NEWS EVER:  There is now a donut shop in Memphis - in my hood even! - that serves kolaches.  Jesus loves me!  

 3) I got a call on Tuesday that Karis had gotten sick at school.  It took me about 20 minutes to get to pick her up and, as soon as she saw me, she asked me to take her to McDonald's.  *Stank Face*  Needless to say, she didn't get sick again.  It's really cute though -- she thinks her teacher lives at the school.  And since she got sick on the playground she told me, "I got sick in Mrs. Teacher's backyard!" Precious.

4) So I totally love these fake NFL Facebook conversations.  The cracks about the Bears . . . Deflategate . . . Jesus Tebow . . .

5) I took Boyfriend's daughter to get her nails done and wander around the mall the other day.  We ended up having the best time!  She's eight so she's between the stages of "GIVE ME ALL THE DOLLS" and preteen angst and is all about the fun girly stuff.  And, let's just say, it gave me a glimpse of all the Justice that's in the future when it comes to Karis.

6) My TimeHop the other day was a picture of Kykes calling the Hogs.  Of course, we had to recreate it . . .

Look at that fat little baby!

7) I ran to Dollar Tree yesterday for a couple things.  There was a lady in line with a couple of boys and she had let them each pic out a drink: one went with Sprite while the other had lemonade.  Unremarkable, in my opinion, the same things my own children would pick out.  The lady directly in front of me, however, made a comment about it.  "Looky there, you boys gotcha some sugar soda, huh?  Mom's going to have some hyper boys on her hands soon!"  Really?  Shut up, lady.

8) Bella Bond/ Baby Doe.  There are so many things about this story that are so so sad.  She lived such a horrible life that it's awful (but true?) to say that she's probably better off.  And I don't even mean that in a she's in Heaven walking with Jesus type of way.  I mean it a death is probably better than having to endure a lifetime of abuse, neglect, and no telling what her trashbag of a mother would've let happen to that poor baby as she got older.  The other thing that sticks out to me about how sad this is . . . the people who are coming out of the woodworks to say they loved that little girl when in reality we all know it's only an effort to get their 15 minutes of fame.  Look, you can't NEVER meet your child and then go on TV and cry about how much you miss her.  Wish they could look the sorry ass "father" in prison also.

9) A few weeks ago, we were discussing taking a big group down to Tiger Alley, tailgating, and then going to a Memphis football game.  I would love to take my boys to a ball game and, let's face it, it's going to be a Memphis game first considering those tickets are usually in the $6 range and it's practically impossible for Memphis to sell out the Liberty Bowl.  Anyway, we were looking and realized Memphis plays Ole Miss this year and they play them here, not in Oxford.  That's the game we'd go to!  Only once we really looked, we realized that the tickets were still going for $55!  I can only image how much they'll be now that Ole Miss has, in fact, proven they're Bama's Daddy.

10) I legit L'd-O-L

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hi! My Team Sucks!

The highlight of my weekend, hands down, was Ole Miss beating Bama AGAIN and this time IN Tuscaloosa. Everything else about Saturday's games sucked.  It's a rough life, being a Razorback fan. It just is.

The kids were out of school Friday so, after a parent teacher conference Thursday night, we kicked off the three-day weekend with some Taco Thursday. 

Boyfriend had to work Friday so I kept all five kids. They love the playground at Shelby Farms so, even though it was 8 billion degrees outside, we headed there to play. 

Then it was on to the pool for a bit.

Then. Kendra texted me and was all "get ovah here now!" so we moved the party to her place. 

(I feel the need to point out that not long after this picture was taken, I sent him tumbling to the ground)

Much fun, many beer. 

Saturday was the boys' first football game. 

So, apparently, since we live in the south, you quite literally have to sign up for contact football in, like, Februarat. Exaggerating, obviously, but they have sign ups soooooo early and I always miss the cut off. Always. However, the flag leagues start later and don't require you to sign up super early. Plus, I figured flag would be a great way for them to learn the fundamentals. 

They lost their first game (and pretty miserably) but they both admitted to having fun anyway. I have a feeling it might be a long season so here's hoping they keep up the "having fun" part ...

After the game, we rested for a bit then headed over to the pool. 

Our friend with the pool is a huge Auburn fan so he invited all of us -- including my mom and her husband -- over to watch the game. And let's just say ... Ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch. That game was painful. 

Then the Hogs played at 6 and THAT was a hell of a disaster as well. I mean, we lost to Texas Tech. The only good thing I can say about the game is that at least they kept showing Kliff Kingsbury on the screen ... 

Da Bears played on Sunday. I took this pic and sent it to my friend Mo because she's a Bears fan. How do I REALLY feel about the Bears? I don't know. But I don't have an NFL team so I don't mind at all cheering for my man's team. Let's just say, though, as per the theme of the weekend, there was a lot less cheering and a lot more just screaming at the TV. 

We had a rather interesting turn of events Sunday afternoon . . .

I absolutely love the neighborhood boyfriend lives in.  There are so many children and a majority of the neighbors are very good, very nice people.  My kids love going to play over there because they know there is going to be someone outside to play with.  Sunday, there happened to be a crew of about 12 to 14 kids hanging out.  Now, these kids are in the 4-10 range so they're obviously going to be doing things like racing on bikes, coloring with chalk, blowing bubbles, that sort of thing.

Apparently, there's a neighbor who obviously just does not like children.  She got mad because the kids were chalking on the sidewalk in front of her house.  I'm not talking about the walkway -- I'm talking about the actual public sidewalk where people, you know, walk their dogs and things like that.  She told these children she was going to call the police on them!  Um, hello, how about that is one thing you NEVER, EVER tell to my children EVER.  She ended up getting into a screaming match with one of the parents and it was just cray-cray.  The dust settled and now we all know who the crazy bitch of the neighborhood is!

However, because of all this, I got to know one of the other neighbors.  They recently moved in and are a blended family with six kids.  We spent the remainder of the evening hanging in the garage and talking.  It was a good way to end the day and the weekend. 

Now . . . next weekend.  My Hogs play A&M and will either lose by 50 points or run up 70 on them.  I do love my Razorbacks but I'm slowly but surely bucking down for what will be yet another long and difficult season.  That will only be longer and more difficult if our coach can't learn to keep his mouth shut . . .

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