Friday, January 20, 2017

Sad Day

Last week, my kid asked me if I would record the inauguration in case he didn't get to watch it at school.  I immediately said no.  Mainly because of this:

I instantly felt bad.  This is the first inauguration he'll remember and he's showed a lot of interest in politics.  It's history and I can't deprive him of that.  I apologized and told him I would record it for him.

I still feel bad, though, mostly because I can't believe this is the first inauguration he'll remember.  This is the same baby I rocked back in November of 2008 with tears in my eyes because I really thought the future was going to be so much better and brighter for him.  I saw that graphic: "Rosa sat so MLK could march.  MLK marched so Obama could run.  Obama ran so our children can fly" and I believed it.  I never thought that, eight years later, we would take such a humongous step backward. 

I have a whole lot I want to say.  I want to go on and on about how trashy it is that we will have a First Lady who once posed nude in a men's magazine.  I want to rally on about the reality of actually defunding Planned Parenthood.  I want to scream at the people who were born on third base but think it's their "hard work" that got them where they are in life.  I want to bring up the cyber bullying that happens in cocaine-induced late night Twitter rants.  I want to bring up that stupid ass billionaire donator that's never been involved in public education, ever, and thinks guns are needed in schools because of Grizzly bears being nominated for education secretary.  I want to talk about the racism and the misogyny.  I want to cry.

Instead, I'm going to link to this article because he said things so much more eloquently than I could ever begin to.  Some highlights:


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday Things

1) The holiday on Monday has thrown my week completely off kilter.  And not in a "hey, it's already Thursday!" kinda way either.  More like, "shit, it's only Thursday?!?"

2) My semester started again on Tuesday.  The first week is always slow but it still takes some adjustment. I was off for nearly five full weeks!  Also, I managed to get almost none of the organizing done I planned to do over my break.  I did some work in the laundry room . . . on Monday.  Yeah.  I suck.

3) On Saturday, we signed a kiddo up for a program that she'll attend four hours every Saturday for the next few months.  So, that means one Saturday a month we'll have a kid-free afternoon.  That hardly ever happens!  This past Saturday we decided to go to Hooter's to watch some college basketball and split an order of smoked wings (garlic habanero is so good!) then went and did our Sam's trip completely kid free.  Amazing.  And much cheaper.

4) Last weekend's football games.  Sigh.  I was pulling for Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City.  Obviously, I ended up pretty disappointed!  I guess we're pulling for Atlanta.  Worst case scenario is a Green Bay/ New England Super Bowl.  Mark won't cheer for the Packers and I hate Tom Brady.

5) I shared this on Instagram last week but thought I'd post over here too:

One of J's teachers is having a baby boy (and having him today!) so I went to Target last week to get a couple of baby gifts.  Actually, I went in for a package of diapers and ONE outfit.  I left with no diapers and THREE outfits.  I couldn't help myself.  And I found myself feeling this pang of baby fever.  I picked out a little polo-style romper and my ovaries ached.  My boys wore those all the time and they looked so precious in them.  I realized it wasn't so much that I was wanting a baby.  It's that, hard as those days were, I now have these boys who are smelly and cop attitudes and there's no way they'd let me dress them.  Ahhhhh.  I miss those babies I already had.  Only sometimes though.  There is MUCH to be said about not having to wipe another person's butt.

6) So my kids have started using "gay" as an insult and it drives me INSANE.  I get on to them, I treat it like a curse word, I compared it to the "r-word" but they still let it slip every once in a while.  I really hate that they do this and wish they would be more sensitive.  If anybody has some advice on how to curb this particular habit, please let me know!

7) Biden memes.  May they live forever.

8) Kendra, Cady, and I went out for a GNO at Pinot's Palette last week.  SO FUN!  We ended up having the place all to ourselves, too, essentially a private party.

I feel the need to point out that my grandmother was an artist, like she owned her own ceramic shop for several years and made a living out of her art.  I inherited her big booty but only like 2% of the artistic ability.  Sigh.

9) I sincerely have the sweetest, most thoughtful boyfriend on the planet.  However, the following conversation happened last week. 
Mark: *Rifling through the Tupperware drawer looking for matching bowl and lid* "I'm throwing all this out and starting over.  All of it.  Throwing it out."
Me: "Okay."
Mark: "Do you want it for your birthday?"
Me: "Um, Tupperware?  No . . . "
Mark: "Why not? I asked for fireplace tools for my birthday."
Me: "But you enjoy getting a fire going in the fireplace."
Mark: "You don't enjoy being able to find matching Tupperware?"

I mean . . . what?!?!  He is schooled now and we picked up new Tupperware when we went to Sam's last weekend, you know, four months before my birthday.  Sometimes even the ones who were married previously have to be trained in a few things!

10) Accurate.
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