Tuesday, November 22, 2016

B-E-A-UTIFUL Tennessee!

A couple months ago we were over at Russell and Kathy's house when Kathy pulled me aside and told me Russell's 50th was coming up in November and she wanted to take him on surprise trip . . . and wanted us to join them.
Miracles happened and we were able to secure sitters.  Friday morning, we set out . . . Gatlinburg bound!
I took this picture through the sunroof on the way.  Dem trees, doh!

We laughed SO HARD the whole way there.
It's about a 6.5 hour drive, made longer by the potty breaks, time change, and traffic, and we seriously had so much fun.
Kathy booked our cabin off of VRBO - a place called "A Tree Top View" and WOW.  It was something else.  My boyfriend is still is a little boy at heart and ran straight for the arcade.  ;)

The cabin was decorated beautifully.  Oh my, it was SO amazing.  The guys tried their hands at playing pool but, uh, there was no chalk (more on that later!)

We arrived after dark so when I woke up Saturday morning, I was AMAZED by our view.

Oh. Em. Gee.

This is from our living room window!!!

We went to breakfast on Saturday morning, for the life of me I can't remember the name of the place.  I had an omelet with biscuits and gravy and Mark had the chicken fried steak and eggs with grits.  The omelet was mediocre and the steak a little underdone but that biscuits and gravy?!?!  Jesus take the wheel, GOOD EFFING STUFF.

We hit up the grocery store after breakfast then made our way back to the cabin.  We spent the rest of the afternoon watching football and eating and, basically, doing whatever we would've done if we'd been in Memphis.  Ha!  But it was SUCH a more awesome view!


Mark grilled Saturday night - the BEST bacon wrapped pork loin!  Kathy made a banana pudding instead of a birthday cake.  Arkansas won, Auburn won.  We were all in bed before 10.  It was kinda amazing. 
Sunday morning(ish), we got up and got ready to find a bar that had Sunday Ticket so Mark could watch his Bearssss.

We started off at a place called Drafts.  It was nice enough (and the food was really good!) buuuuut . . . it was soon taken over by a Pop Warner football team and their families, which kinda killed our vibe.  We decided to head to another place, Puckers, at halftime.  This bar had Sunday Ticket but they REFUSED to turn on the Bears game!  It was the most bizarre thing . . . like, they legit did not care at all about customer service.  (There were five games on at the time and, like, 20 TV's in this bar!)  (And, also, this is the place where Mark, um, "borrowed" some chalk that we took back to our pool table . . . ) So, obvs, we left and went next door to a place called . . . wait for it . . . HOGG'S!!!!!

They did not have Sunday Ticket (wahhhh!) but we had the best time hanging out and people watching.  It was too fun.

After we had our fill of shootin' the shit there, we headed back to the cabin.  This cabin had SO MUCH that it was hard to make use of our of three nights: hot tub, arcade, pool table, media room, fire pit.  We decided to light up the fire pit Sunday afternoon and it was AMAZING.  We kept saying, "we should get in the hot tub" and, yet, never moved from the fire.  It was awesome.

We decided to do Russell's birthday dinner Sunday night and headed to Cherokee Grill and here is where I serve up some REAL TALK.

On the way home yesterday, Kathy asked, "after we got back to the cabin yesterday, did y'all get in the hot tub?"
*Mark and I look at each other*
"Uhhhhh . . . ."
Mark, "I was so shit canned, all I remember is waking up this morning,"

Then.  THEN.  Kathy mentions that we all took Fireball shots and, holy shit, no wonder we don't remember that night!  And keep in mind, we were celebrating a 50th birthday.  Who says the middle aged set can't have fun?!?

We headed home Monday morning and that ROYALLY SUCKED.  We kept talking about what a great trip it was - AND IT WAS! - but we seriously needed a few more days.  And that brings me to something I'm SUPER thankful for: a couple that we can travel with!  Wow, did we have such a great time (so much that we were ready to add another day or two on to the trip!)

I sincerely hope Russell had a great birthday weekend (and by everything he said, yes, YES, he did!) because we had a freaking blast!  Can't wait to head back to Gatlinburg!

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